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I first searched for the problem and right on Samsung's site they say to call 800-SAMSUNG. I did. The person that answered could not refer me to a service bulletin, all she would do is tell me I needed a service call and that because the refrigerator was out of warranty, I would have to pay for it. I told her I could fix it my self, she gave me a number to order parts. You will also find a post from a Ms. Samsung, someone who appears to be a official spokesman for Samsung. There is no anchor on this page so run down to: "Middle strip between the two doors does not operate properly." He will tell you the refrigerator needs to be levelled. Well, that's a pile of dodo. So much for trying to do this the 'proper' way.

So I looked it over to see how the flap came off after finding this post:
Appliance Blog dot Com

It was not clear what the fix was. Well I got the flap off and it became apparent there was no 'adjustment'. If you run into this problem, you will want to take the flap off. Take the two screws from the center hinge to free it up. Using a blunt tool like a nut driver, lightly tap upward on the top and bottom hinges. The flap will slide up easily from there and come off.

remove flap hing

You could actually just leave the center hinge in place and tapping the top and bottom hinges up will fix it. And that may be the way it is adjusted when properly assembled. Samsung won't tell, so I don't know. If I had to guess, the flap was improperly installed before we got the frig. As insurance I folded a light piece of cardboard four times and placed it in the top hinge.

hing shim

Now, it may have been a case that the doors were installed too low. But the top of the doors are flush with the top of the refrigerator. This is a much simpler fix.

Hope this helps someone.

Best, Dan.

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