I figured it was time to change this place. This site will be dedicated to software dealing with graphics and signal processing. I will be mirroring this work on Geometric Algebra:

 Part One: Euclidian Geometric Algebra and Quaternions

I also have a property view that works pretty well. The example project is a little rough.

Adventures with the BeagleBone Black

Here I've started a page for programing the MSP430:

The MSP430 Programming

And the last project I finished. A Hybrid Three Phase Rotary Converter.

My son and I have started working with CNC machinery

The CNC Pages

Off Grid Battery Charging - A better way...

Water Supply Pumping System - High Pressure

Electronic Ignition for the Onan Generator

The MSP430 will be used on my gasifier project:

Gasifier Furnace Page

Heat Storage Page
Gasifier Page

The Toyota Wolverine

LEDs ???

A page on the Samsung refrigerator door flap seal.

Samsung Refrigerator French Door Seal Won't Close

Thanks, Dan.

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